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'What About Bob,' and other things only Bill Murray can get away with :

Bill Murray might be America's favorite celebrity prima donna.

Bio: Simon Abrams writes about comics, books and movies for The Comics Journal, L magazine, The New York Press and Slant Magazine. You can find a lot of his writing here.

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In the year of Spielberg, a reminder of his most shameless imitators

For every Attack the Block, there’s a Mac and Me, one of several shameless rip-offs of Spielberg’s period-defining E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

Oct. 1, 2011


The intriguing follies of Roman Polanski

What? is an obscure Polanski film that was at least an interesting failure; Pirates deserves its obscurity.

Sep. 24, 2011


Back before ‘Scary Movie,’ when parody films, and the Zucker brothers and Abrahams, were great

The Zucker brothers and Jim Abrahams never made anything after Top Secret! that was as good, individually or as a team.

Sep. 10, 2011


Mad Max: After civilization, and before Mel Gibson stopped making sense

There's a reason the characters in a new film, Bellflower, obsess over the bizarre villain in one of the old "Mad Max" movies.

Sep. 3, 2011


What it means when Guillermo del Toro ‘presents’

There’s a big difference between the films that Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro produces and the ones that he “presents.”

Aug. 26, 2011


A new ‘Conan,’ even less civilized than the old ones

There ought to be more to Conan the Barbarian than stabby action scenes and rough sex, actually.

Aug. 22, 2011


The amazing, pathetic, must-see outrage of Robert Ryan

No one played unstable quite like Robert Ryan.

Aug. 12, 2011


A retrospective highlighting the dark worldview of Francesco Rosi leads with Primo Levi

BAM leads a Rosi retrospective with The Truce, a film about Primo Levi's journey back to Italy after his imprisonment in Auschwitz.

Aug. 5, 2011


What Kurosawa’s ‘Dreams’ says about the creative process and about Kurosawa

It’s fitting that Dreams is screening in the middle of the IFC Center’s career-spanning retrospective of Akira Kurosawa’s films and not at the end.

Jul. 30, 2011


‘The Muppets Take Manhattan’: An anthem for the struggling young New Yorker, still

The reason movie programmers in New York still target college-age audiences for The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Jul. 22, 2011