Robert Hardt Jr.

Bio: Bob Hardt is the political director and executive producer at NY1 News. An amateur classical pianist as a youth, Hardt became obsessed with opera after taking a required course in Music Humanities at Columbia College.

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Triple Crown math: California Chrome plus ten

Lots of competition

Jun. 6, 2014


The herald of Cooperstown

What the Glimmerglass Festival can prove about the viability of first-class cultural institutions upstate

Jun. 4, 2014


The year in opera, 2012: A report card, with a note to the Met

Putting together my 2012 report card made me realize how little of what I saw at the Met was important and vital, which is incredibly disappointing for the grande dame of opera companies in the United States.

Jan. 8, 2013


New York racing gets through Stakes weekend, resumes hibernation

In the end, the Belmont Stakes on Saturday was just a race.

Jun. 11, 2012


Belmont, darkly: I’ll Have Another runs for the Triple Crown as Andrew Cuomo cracks the whip

Is the racing scene any place for an aspiring president to be seen anymore?

Jun. 8, 2012


Open letter to Steve Newhouse: New Orleans needs a daily ‘Times-Picayune’

Thousands and thousands of Times-Picayune readers do not have easy access to the Internet or the wherewithal to read the paper electronically. These are the people who your newspaper was designed to help -- and they have loyally read it each day until their own name appeared in the death notices. Your paper championed their cause. These are the people who may miss your daily newspaper the most.

May. 25, 2012


Turns out this year’s Belmont Stakes might be fun to watch, after all

A horse-racing season that has been filled with so much unrealized potential is getting a pleasant and surprising jolt of energy from the buildup to tomorrow’s Belmont Stakes.

Jun. 10, 2011


A story went with it: The undignified end of the Uncle Mo fairy tale

One way to look at the scratch of Uncle Mo from the Kentucky Derby on Friday morning is that a New York horseracing dream was denied—a potential savior of the sport has fallen by the wayside because of a fluke injury.

May. 6, 2011


Down and almost out in Queens: Uncle Mo, the latest great hope for New York horse racing, stumbles hard

Uncle Mo, the latest Great Hope for the dying spot of horseracing, lost this weekend in a deeply depressing fashion.

Apr. 11, 2011


Racing turns its rheumy eyes to the Queens guy who made Vitamin Water

After another win, master marketer Mike Repole and his horse, Uncle Mo, are raising hopes that they'll be able to lift the racing industry out of its torpor.

Mar. 14, 2011