Matthew Lynch

<em>New York Times Magazine</em> gets a publisher:

Andy Wright has been named the first-ever publisher of The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times announced in a statement today.

Bio: Matt Lynch reports on media for Capital.

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Baquet to New York Times staff: ‘You all rock’

"There has been so much in the report of late to crow about," the executive editor wrote in a Friday memo.

Jul. 18, 2014


Hearst books September boosts on luxury rebound

The numbers suggest that even as magazine publishers continue to push for more digital ad dollars, that ever-important September issue is showing no signs of ceding its cultural and revenue relevance.

Jul. 14, 2014


New York Times' Baquet has malignant tumor removed

Baquet, the paper's newly minted executive editor, will be out of the newsroom for about a week.

Jun. 16, 2014


New Yorker publicist Alexa Cassanos leaves for Facebook

Editor in chief David Remnick informed staff of her departure in a Friday afternoon note.

Jun. 13, 2014


Millennial whisperer

Anna Holmes' new mission: bring Fusion TV to young viewers, wherever they are, and get off the Internet hamster wheel.

Jun. 6, 2014


Apocalypse Plow

In Hudson, N.Y., a magazine for the farm-to-table set that doubles as a 'modern-day prepper handbook'

Jun. 2, 2014


Former New York Times editor Arthur Gelb dies at 90

The period of his tenure was as eventful a time as any in the paper's 162-year history

May. 20, 2014


Dean Baquet sends off Times ‘digital pioneer’ Aron Pilhofer

"We are sorry to see him do there what he has done so well here," Baquet wrote in the message obtained by Capital.

May. 19, 2014


Abramson addresses Wake Forest commencement

Abramson accepted the the invitation to speak at the event several months ago, well before her surprise ousting last week.

May. 19, 2014


Sulzberger: Abramson’s departure had ‘nothing to do with pay or gender’

'Perhaps the saddest outcome of my decision to replace Jill Abramson ... is that it has been cast by many as an example of the unequal treatment of women in the workplace'

May. 17, 2014