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Charles Osgood finds a new generation of squares hep to his old-fashioned ‘Sunday Morning’ style

Sunday Morning seems to exist on a continuum with RadioLab and This American Life, which, while on radio, draw listeners who probably never listen to the radio. Far from making them uncool, these shows' fusty, legacy trappings (what is This American Life, after all, if not a new take on the quaint human interest "slice of life" stories that were once a staple of the local Sunday paper?) create a kind of authenticity, a grown-up-feeling depth that's lacking in so much else out there. This is probably why former New York Times TV correspondent Peter J. Boyer described Sunday Morning as "antitelevision" in his 1988 book on CBS, "designed to be so compelling and thoughtful that it would be watched 'by people who don't watch television.'"

Jan. 18, 2012