Josh Benson

Trump brings excitement and anguish to California Republican convention:

'Border' jokes reaffirm views of supporters and detractors

Bio: Josh Benson is a co-founder and co-editor of POLITICO States. He was previously an editor and reporter at The New York Observer, and he wrote about New Jersey for The New York Times.

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F.A.Q.: How much does Michael Bloomberg’s approval rating matter?

A conversation with WNYC political reporter Azi Paybarah about Michael Bloomberg's post-blizzard political standing.

Jan. 10, 2011


F.A.Q.: What is the story with these New York Jets?

A conversation with W.W.D. media reporter John Koblin about the Rex Ryan-era New York Jets.

Jan. 7, 2011


A Capital anticipation list: Mike Leigh, a Mulchfest, Jump, the Jets and genomes

Each week, Capital's editors will offer a list of the events, activities, releases and personal obsessions that we are looking forward to during the next week. Here is a list of our anticipations.

Jan. 6, 2011


The state of the state, by Azi Paybarah’s camera

The Capitol, on the weekend of the inauguration.

Jan. 4, 2011


A Capital send-off for 2010

Like all of you, we're guessing, the blizzard has locked down the Capital staff in our respective apartments. So here we are, live from living rooms in Astoria to South Williamsburg, sending along end-of-year greetings after our first six months in business.

Dec. 27, 2010


Christmas Eve in the capital of Hawaii

City Hall, Honolulu.

Dec. 24, 2010


News acts like News on 9/11 bill; Post acts like News on Rex fetish

Each day, the New York tabloids vie to sell readers at the newsstands on outrageous headlines, dramatic photography, and, occasionally, great reporting. Who is today's winner?

Dec. 23, 2010


F.A.Q.: What did Haley Barbour think he was saying?

A conversation with author and journalist Andrew Rice about Haley Barbour's national-prospects-killing interview about race.

Dec. 21, 2010


F.A.Q.: Who cares about the Black List?

A conversation with Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson about the Black List.

Dec. 20, 2010


F.A.Q.: Who knew Columbia was such an exciting place to go to school?

A conversation with Eliza Shapiro, editor of campus blog Bwog, about Sensational Crime Week at Columbia.

Dec. 10, 2010