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A note to Capital readers

We're pleased and excited to announce that Capital New York is about to get a lot bigger.

Sep. 9, 2013


Coming this fall: A new and improved Capital

This is where we're keeping readers up to date on changes at Capital New York.

Sep. 8, 2013


Bill de Blasio and the Deval Patrick trajectory

A conversation with MSNBC host and Salon columnist Steve Kornacki about the rise of Bill de Blasio.

Sep. 4, 2013


Bill de Blasio won’t shut up about his family, for good reason

Here's a clip tweeted out today by Bill de Blasio's campaign, showing his daughter Chiara telling a crowd of supporters that her dad isn't "some boring white guy who just didn't know what he was talking about" when it comes to caring about all New Yorkers.

Aug. 20, 2013


The very unbelievable candidacy of Anthony Weiner

Remember a couple of years ago, when Anthony Weiner held a press conference to talk about pie?

Jul. 23, 2013


Legislators don’t understand a real-estate provision, ‘Morning Joe’ doesn’t understand Russell Brand

From Capital

Anthony Weiner brushes off Christine Quinn. [Reid Pillifant]

Kirsten Gillibrand is bullish on the timing of DOMA repeal, and refers a question about Chuck Schumer to Chuck Schumer. [Reid Pillifant]

Now, one in three city residents lives in a designated flood zone. [Dana Rubinstein]

Two councilmen from Brooklyn take the unusual step of asking the city to ignore the recommendation of a local community board. [Dana Rubinstein]

Capital has published its first ebook. [Gillian Reagan]

Jun. 18, 2013


Anthony Weiner and the tossed-salad model of leadership

Don't hate me because I'm impatient is not a new way for candidates to respond to criticism.

Jun. 14, 2013


Was it something Anthony Weiner said?

A conversation with Politico reporter Maggie Haberman about Anthony Weiner's good week.

May. 29, 2013


What do the Hillary 2008 people say about Hillary 2016?

A conversation with Washington Post reporter Jason Horowitz about the scattered, scarred alumni of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

May. 21, 2013


Is Anthony Weiner past the punchline phase yet?

A conversation with "Up" host and Salon writer Steve Kornacki about the pre-candidacy of Anthony Weiner.

Apr. 30, 2013