Joe Pompeo

Jessica Pressler staying at <em>New York</em>:

"Can't say that we expected things to turn out this way, but we feel very lucky to be keeping her on."

Bio: Joe Pompeo is a senior reporter at Capital, where he covers media. He was previously a reporter at Yahoo News, Business Insider and The New York Observer.

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The making of the ‘New York Times’ documentary about Christine Quinn

"With the scrum of the press, it can be unforgiving, and it's also compounded when you're a woman and when you're openly gay," Berke said. "All these things made it really tough for her. [The documentary] also shows a candidate's unique relationship with her spouse [Kim Catullo], and I can't think of many other films that have captured that dynamic in the way this one does."

Sep. 26, 2013


‘Wall Street Journal’ editor Gerard Baker decries native advertising as a ‘Faustian pact’

"If [advertisers] manipulate the digital or print operations of ... news organizations, it makes the reader confused as to what is news and what is advertising, and the reader's trust, the very reason that those advertisers want to advertise in those news organizations, goes away."

Sep. 25, 2013


Dan Colarusso named executive editor of Reuters Digital

His appointment, announced in an internal memo obtained by Capital, follows the resignation last week of Jim Roberts, who had taken the job after accepting a buyout from The New York Times.

Sep. 24, 2013


Former F.B.I. specialist to plead guilty to giving classified information to A.P. reporter

A former F.B.I. employee has agreed to plead guilty of providing national defense intel to the media, making him the latest press source to be caught up in the Obama administration's aggressive clampdown on leakers.

Sep. 23, 2013


Health benefits, ‘muzzling’ at issue as IBT Media seeks to hold on to Newsweek talent

There's just a week to go until Barry Diller's IAC Interactive is set to formally hand the keys of Newsweek, the 80-year-old newsmagazine his company turned into a digital-only title in January, to IBT media, but it's still not clear who will be working for the magazine, or on what terms.

Sep. 23, 2013


Condé Nast is Wintourizing

The Lineup collects the media stories, big and small, that are on our radar each day.

Sep. 23, 2013


In the ‘Post’ newsroom, rumors of editor Col Allan’s imminent return from an Australian detail

"It's a surprise to most people," one source told Capital. "Initially we thought it was just a way to ease him out of the picture. But they did say in the beginning that he was coming back, so now it appears that may be the case."

Sep. 20, 2013


Apparent e-mail hack attack reveals Hassan Fattah, editor of U.A.E. newspaper ‘The National,’ is leaving his post

Speculation that Fattah had either resigned from or been pushed out of The National, which is owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, has been swirling in recent weeks. But his departure appears to have been confirmed in a series of personal emails that were leaked to Fattah's newsroom employees today, several of which were obtained by Capital.

Sep. 19, 2013


Justin Smith on his new mission at Bloomberg

Justin Smith's "mission" as C.E.O. of the Bloomberg Media Group will be to "marry the incredible assets" the company's journalists have built over the past several decades with "emerging strategies for winning in the new global media landscape."

Sep. 18, 2013


Nancy Gibbs succeeds Rick Stengel as ‘Time’ managing editor, officially

Time has made official the news we first reported last week: Nancy Gibbs is the magazine's next managing editor, making her the 17th person and first woman to hold the top masthead position at the 90-year-old magazine.

Sep. 17, 2013