Joe Pompeo

Mark Thompson on the <em>Times'</em> Facebook 'experiment':

'We need to access new and interesting pools of readers'

Bio: Joe Pompeo is a senior reporter at Capital, where he covers media. He was previously a reporter at Yahoo News, Business Insider and The New York Observer.

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Mark Thompson on the Times‘ Facebook ’experiment'

'We need to access new and interesting pools of readers'

May. 20, 2015


Journal seeks buyouts amid ‘serious realignment’

'The worst it's ever been'

May. 19, 2015


With Warren, Tribune rounds out its strategy

One company executive calls it a 'complete home makeover'

May. 15, 2015


Denise Warren lands at Tribune Publishing

The Times alumna has her work cut out for her

May. 13, 2015


In quarterly call, Time Inc. chief tamps down M&A talk

'I actually think the greater opportunity for us right now is for some of the smaller deals'

May. 7, 2015


In second quarter after spin-off, Tribune’s earnings are down

C.E.O.: 'We're early days in this'

May. 6, 2015


News Corp. newspaper revenues sag amid growth in books, real estate listings

Advertising revenues in segment fell 12 percent

May. 5, 2015


Tina Brown’s special issue

Tina Brown Live Media is small, potentially profitable

May. 4, 2015


With custom videos, Post sells New York nostalgia

'One More Night' will feature legendary music venues

May. 1, 2015


At the Times, print takes hits as digital inches up

The Times also saw mid-single-digit declines in print circulation volume during the quarter.

Apr. 30, 2015