Howard Megdal

The rise and fall of Ike Davis' New York Mets:

Consider the state of the team when he joined, and now

Bio: Howard Megdal is Writer At Large for Capital New York, and a contributing writer for Sports on Earth. His books include The Baseball Talmud, Taking the Field and Wilpon's Folly. Follow Howard on Twitter @HowardMegdal.

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The ‘fixable’ Mike Pelfrey hangs in there in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS — On Monday night at Target Field, a pair of once-heralded pitching prospects matched zeroes for most of the first six innings in a 4-3 Twins victory.

Sep. 24, 2013


On Mariano Rivera Day, the Yankees don’t have much else

For nearly two decades, Mariano Rivera's greatness has been celebrated within a team context. 

Sep. 23, 2013


‘Why, why, why’: The cratering of Joba Chamberlain

It is almost impossible to remember these days, but Joba Chamberlain was once Yankees royalty. 

Sep. 20, 2013


Team Harvey wins one, blows the other

Matt Harvey's people made two big decisions for him this week.

Sep. 19, 2013


Sandy Alderson doesn’t want to talk about those June plans now

Back in June, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson had plenty to say about his team's payroll. Tuesday night, things had changed dramatically.

Sep. 18, 2013


When bullish-on-ownership Mets news comes with an asterisk

Since 2007, Kevin Burkhardt has been the sideline reporter for SNY for Mets games. But the past two weeks, his services were required by Fox, where he was hired to broadcast N.F.L. games this season.

Sep. 17, 2013


Derek Jeter’s 2013 is over, and the Yankees' replacement search is just beginning

When Brian Cashman revealed that Derek Jeter was going back on the disabled list, his difficult 2013 season over, the reaction was overwhelmingly one of sadness more than surprise.

Sep. 12, 2013


WFAN bets on the Yankees, and yesterday’s radio business model

The news broke yesterday afternoon: the Mets, once the centerpiece for the brand new effort to build a 24-hour sports radio station on W.F.A.N., were no longer wanted by that same radio station.

Sep. 11, 2013


CC Sabathia, former ace

For the first few years after CC Sabathia signed with the Yankees, he provided precisely what a pitcher with his contract should: an unmatchable advantage.

Sep. 10, 2013


The Yankees fall apart, but Ichiro stays their execution

For the roughly 40 years since George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees in 1973, the team's business model has been built around two things: big names, acquired and kept at any price, and winning.

Sep. 9, 2013