Howard Megdal

Sports biz report: New York is a Mets town again:

The Yankees aren't the hottest ticket in town

Bio: Howard Megdal is Writer At Large for Capital New York, and currently contributes to USA Today Sports Weekly, Sports Illustrated and Vice Sports. His books include The Baseball Talmud, Taking the Field and Wilpon's Folly. His book on the Cardinals will be published by St. Martin's Press in February 2016. Follow Howard on Twitter @HowardMegdal.

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Sports biz report: New York is a Mets town again

The Yankees aren't the hottest ticket in town

Apr. 1, 2016


Sports biz report: When leagues use leverage to make social policy

It is nothing new to see the world of sports affect social change in this country.

Mar. 25, 2016


Sport biz report: Barclays Center as tip of the spear for NCAA basketball

New stadium wasn't just an attempt to inject life into an nba rivalry

Mar. 18, 2016


Knicks and Anthony suffer, again, from shifting plans

Hazy timeline for improvement

Mar. 16, 2016


Sports biz report: Big East faces a moment of truth

On the eve of the NCAA tournament, the Big East men's basketball teams gathered at The Garden to crown a champion. 

Mar. 11, 2016


Sports biz report: Hal Steinbrenner believes in the power of pinstripes, apparently

Outspending other teams gave the Yankees a key advantage

Mar. 4, 2016


Sports biz report: Why the NBA trade deadline didn’t mean much in New York

The NBA trade deadline passed at 3 PM on Thursday afternoon, and neither the Knicks nor Nets made any moves.

This doesn't reflect some reality where both teams are devoid of needs.

Feb. 19, 2016


Sports Biz Report: Won’t somebody think of the NWSL?

At issue is Olympics in Rio, and more

Feb. 12, 2016


Sports biz report: Time for Mets to lock in their young pitchers

The signing of Yoenis Cespedes, as detailed in this space, has given the Mets some breathing room regarding the enormous, now smaller gap between the revenue base they hold as a New York team that owns its own regional sports network and what they spend on payroll.

Feb. 5, 2016


Sports-biz report: Following soccer template, NBA commits to boosting women’s game

A sign that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is taking his promise seriously

Jan. 28, 2016