Howard Megdal

Bio: Howard Megdal is Writer At Large for Capital New York, and a contributing writer for Sports on Earth. His books include The Baseball Talmud, Taking the Field and Wilpon's Folly. Follow Howard on Twitter @HowardMegdal.

Latest Articles:


What a Dodgers TV deal says about the Mets' future

It's about the debt

Apr. 14, 2014


The 2014 Yankees: Big spenders again, but not alone

The 2014 Yankees begin play Tuesday night, and they've finally shed some of the ill-fitting ideas that plagued them over the past two years. 

Mar. 31, 2014


Your 2014 Mets: Improved, but constrained

Opening Day 2014 is here for the New York Mets!

Mar. 31, 2014


Phil Jackson is the story, until Dolan decides otherwise

The owner can pull the plug at any time

Mar. 18, 2014


An ex-Met on his old team’s propensity to smear

"If you're gonna come out and gonna attack a guy's character ... be man enough to put your name on it."

Mar. 17, 2014


Seth Everett replaces Limbaugh as Mets lead-in

Just over three weeks until the regular season begins, the New York Mets finally have their pre and post-game radio host.

Mar. 6, 2014


The Red Bulls' New York media moment

They're finally good, but will the market notice?

Mar. 5, 2014


A run on Jason Collins gear, but not at Barclays

Jason Collins, the first openly gay N.B.A. player, made his home debut for the Brooklyn Nets Monday night.

You wouldn't know it from the merchandise shops.

Mar. 4, 2014


David Lee, with perspective, on the New York sports media

An alternate path for the New York Knicks stood in the visiting locker room at Madison Square Garden on Friday night. And a media horde, tired of covering what the 2013-14 Knicks are, pressed David Lee to take a trip back to the summer of 2010, and picture what might have been.

Mar. 3, 2014


The Jason Collins dividend

A minor positive in basketball terms, and a non-controversy

Feb. 27, 2014