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Michael Strahan, running scared into immortality:

Michael Strahan is, among many other things, a sensitive, insecure guy.

Bio: Greg Hanlon is a writer and reporter whose sports writing has appeared in The New York Times and on Slate. He is currently working on a book about the 1986 Giants Super Bowl season. He lives in Brooklyn, and his email is greg.hanlon[at]

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Giants run better without two key parts

Lost amid the excitement of Eli Manning's giveth-and-taketh-away routine with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' defense on Sunday were some auspicious signs about the return of the Giants’ running game.

Sep. 17, 2012


Week 1: What Tim Tebow did for the Sanchez-led Jets

Tebow started out the season in a supporting role, just like the Jets said he would.

Sep. 10, 2012


The Giants have a cornerback issue, and Tony Romo knew it

The 2011 Giants had a weakness at the cornerback position named Aaron Ross. Quarterbacks threw in his direction in last year’s regular season to a 102.8 rating, well above the league average of 82.5.

Sep. 6, 2012


The Tom Coughlin mantra and the Victor Cruz breakout, packaged for posterity

Because they’re documentaries, the N.F.L. Network’s “America’s Game” specials work better the further you go back in time.

Sep. 5, 2012


‘The Jet’: Jordan White, in the slot and on the bubble

Jordan White, the 24-year-old receiver who the Jets took in the seventh round of this year’s draft, was extraordinarily productive in college: At Western Michigan University, he led the NCAA last year in both receptions (140) and yards (1,911).

Aug. 31, 2012


Adewale Ojomo: The would-be Giant who found a way to flash

As a final referendum on the team’s starting units before the real games, the fourth preseason game is at best a snooze, and at worst a cynical rip-off of season ticket holders who pay full price to watch the starters try not to injure themselves for series or two.

Aug. 30, 2012


Mark Sanchez and the Jets' quest for offensive averageness

The high point of the Jets' dismal 17-12 loss to the Carolina Panthers last night came halfway through the fourth quarter, courtesy of Tim Tebow.

Aug. 27, 2012


Why the Giants should be pleased, aside from Prince Amukamara

The Bears may have won the game, but the Giants’ starters outplayed the Bears’ starters and left with the score in their favor.

Aug. 27, 2012


Jets go nowhere against the Giants, but then again it’s August

Tempting as it might be to characterize the Giants’ 26-3 shellacking of the Jets on Saturday as the latest demonstration of the franchises’ opposite sizzle/steak ratios, it’s instructive to remember that it was still a meaningless preseason game.

Aug. 20, 2012


Hiding Tim Tebow in a pile of vanilla

To curb expectations of fans and reporters who have been obsessing over formations run in Jets practices that include Tim Tebow, Tony Sparano said the Jets’ offense “was going to be vanilla” in their first preseason game.

Aug. 13, 2012