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Michael Strahan, running scared into immortality:

Michael Strahan is, among many other things, a sensitive, insecure guy.

Bio: Greg Hanlon is a writer and reporter whose sports writing has appeared in The New York Times and on Slate. He is currently working on a book about the 1986 Giants Super Bowl season. He lives in Brooklyn, and his email is greg.hanlon[at]

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From sad-sack to sack machine: The happy, charming, deadly Justin Tuck returns

Justin Tuck’s turnaround has mirrored that of the Giants.

Feb. 1, 2012


Just in time, the Giants secondary started playing like it was always supposed to

One of the keys to the Giants' late-season run has been a defensive backfield that finally lived up to the reputations of its players.

Jan. 31, 2012


The strong leg, sure hands and foul mouth of Steve Weatherford

When it comes to profanity-laced exultations of joy that are caught on camera, Steve Weatherford’s reaction to Lawrence Tynes’ game winning-field goal in the conference championship game against the 49ers last week might not have had the significance of, say, Joe Biden’s reaction to universal health care.

Jan. 30, 2012


Dave Diehl, an imperfect specimen, takes one for the team

This post is about David Diehl, who played left tackle in the Giants’ 20-17 win yesterday over the San Francisco 49ers.

Jan. 23, 2012


‘In your face’: How a humble nose tackle saved the Giants and wrecked Montana’s 49ers

For much of his 13-year N.F.L. career, Erik Howard basically did the same thing on every play, and nobody noticed.

Jan. 21, 2012


The incidental masterpiece of Giants general manager Jerry Reese

For much of the Giants' regular season, general manager Jerry Reese watched many of his best-laid plans turn into worst-case scenarios. Unit after unit —from the secondary, to the offensive line, to the running backs—failed to meet expectations and justify Reese’s investment.

Jan. 20, 2012


The Giants bring back Chase Blackburn, Ohio schoolteacher, to fix their linebacker problem

Each time the Giants or Jets play a football game, Capital will write about a home-team member who took part in it. This post is about Chase Blackburn, who played linebacker in the Giants’ 37-20 win yesterday over the Green Bay Packers.

Jan. 16, 2012


If civic-minded Giants hero Harry Carson could do it all over again, he wouldn’t

“The only thing I know is, I know what other people have gone through, and I see the end result," Carson said. "And I know those other people have played football.”

Jan. 13, 2012


A spectacular closing act from Osi Umenyiora, charter member of the Giants' pass-rush club

Each time the Giants or Jets play a football game, Capital will write about a home-team member who took part in it. This post is about Osi Umenyiora, who played defensive end in the Giants’ 24-2 win yesterday over the Atlanta Falcons.

Jan. 9, 2012


From ‘Giants Among Men’ to the Eli Manning era: A Big Blue personal history

NFL Films elevated the Giants' strategy to a moral philosophy: It was as if the high-scoring teams were fast-talking used-car salesmen while the Giants were the strong, silent mensches.

Jan. 6, 2012