Gillian Reagan

New York Needs High Education Standards:

It is clear for urban students, Common Core is a lifeline.

Bio: Gillian Reagan is managing editor at POLITICO States. She joined the team for the launch of Capital New York in May 2010. She was previously media editor at The Business Insider and a reporter for The New York Observer. Her writing has also appeared in the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Prison songs, ‘Giants football,’ dummies and chaotic campaigns: A Capital week in review

Catch up with us. Some Sunday reading suggestions from Capital.

Oct. 17, 2010


Christina Ricci, Chris Christie, the Jets and the Mets: A Capital week in review

Last week, Steve Kornacki explained why Carl Paladino's nomination and the story of David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, are connected.

Howard Megdal explained the minefield left by outging Mets GM Omar Minaya.

Eliot Brown took us on a ride to New Jersey to explain how the state's politics murdered an $8.7 billion tunnel-rail project.

Oct. 10, 2010


Bye Bye Brooklyn! Gilt Groupe to move bulk of warehouse operations from scrappy Navy Yard digs

A final tour of the warehouse before it picks up and moves to Kentucky, and Gilt Groupe becomes America's luxury version of Amazon.

Oct. 8, 2010


Taking time to read on the web: Instapaper gets ready for the big show

Marco Arment made himself a bookmarking tool to make reading on the web more pleasurable and less addled. Now, 800,000 people are using it, too.

Oct. 6, 2010


Paladino antics, '90s nostalgia, and secret wildernesses: A Capital week in review

This week started off with Capital hero Feres "Freddy" Zeideia, the King of Falafel and Shawarma, winning the Vendy Awards on Governor's Island over the weekend. So we knew it was going to be a good one.

Oct. 3, 2010


Liveblogging a Web 2.0 Expo panel: “How Real-time Story Telling Can Save Mainstream Media”

We're live, here at the Sheraton Hotel, taking notes on how we're going to be saved.

Sep. 29, 2010


In ‘Girls to the Front,’ the blueprint of a neverending girl riot

An interview with Sara Marcus about her new book, and the Riot Grrrl movement.

Sep. 28, 2010


New York’s ‘new establishment’

We're well acquainted with some of the people and institutions in New York's excellent "establishment" issue this week, it turns out.

Sep. 27, 2010


The New York Times' Tom Bodkin on designing for the modern Web age

Tom Bodkin, the New York Times’ assistant managing editor and design director, spoke with Capital about the Times' new online opinion section design and how to appeal to readers in the modern age of the Internet. Here is a version of our conversation, which has been edited for clarity and flow.

Sep. 24, 2010


Printing in pixels: The ‘Times’ lead designer and others on the next-generation web

The lead designer at the Times says he's not appy.

Sep. 24, 2010