Gillian Reagan

New York Needs High Education Standards:

It is clear for urban students, Common Core is a lifeline.

Bio: Gillian Reagan is managing editor at POLITICO States. She joined the team for the launch of Capital New York in May 2010. She was previously media editor at The Business Insider and a reporter for The New York Observer. Her writing has also appeared in the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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The National Climate Assessment has a special warning for the tens of millions of Americans living here in the Northeast.

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Cardinal Dolan.

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Three Ways to Ensure Underserved High School Students Graduate

Earlier this year President Obama announced “My Brother’s Keeper,” an initiative aimed at helping boys and young men of color who currently lag in terms of opportunity, education and employment. The President is looking to collaborate with existing community, corporate and non-profit programs that are successful in supporting young men of color, and adopt best practices in communities across the nation.

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Nov. 20, 2013


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Presenting ‘Our Town,’ an e-book about the winners of a Super Bowl and a battle for New York

We are excited to announce the release of Capital's latest e-book, 'Our Town': The Giants Who Won a Super Bowl and a Battle for New York.

Jul. 24, 2013