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In ‘The Loneliest Planet,’ a pervasive dread, or maybe that’s just ‘relationships’

Julie Loktev's new film, The Loneliest Planet, follows a couple on a vacation through the Caucasus, where tension builds in the forest and in their own minds.

Oct. 26, 2012


With two fascinating film premieres, Anthology is on a roll

Anthology Film Archives is hosting a generous offering of excellent avant-garde films this fall, including two premieres, Ben Rivers' Two Years at Sea and Denis Côté's Bestiaire.

Oct. 12, 2012


‘How To Survive a Plague,’ a film at the intersection of AIDS, video cameras, and rage

David France's new documentary How To Survive a Plague chronicles the rageful days of AIDS activism and the powerful tool of the video camera.

Sep. 21, 2012


Paul Dano’s sadsack rocker struggles with fatherhood in ‘For Ellen’

In For Ellen, So Yong Kim's latest film, Paul Dano stars as a rocker struggling with career and fatherhood, and succeeding in neither.

Sep. 6, 2012


In ‘The Queen of Versailles,’ the one percent fall on hard times

In The Queen of Versailles, out this week, belt-tightening reaches the rich

Jul. 19, 2012


In a new documentary, Marina Abramović's presence is up for debate

Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present chronicles her blockbuster MoMA show of the same name, with some mixed results

Jun. 13, 2012


‘Bonjour Tristesse’ was New Wave before there was such a thing, Jean Seberg included

Otto Premingers Bonjour Tristesse, screening this week, was New Wave before there was such a thing

Apr. 27, 2012


Hong Sang-Soo gets a well-earned retrospective of his melancholic but sharply rendered social comedies

Korean director and master of misdirection Hong Sang-Soo gets a well-earned retrospective at Museum of the Moving Image

Mar. 16, 2012