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Amid a plague of contemporary ‘quirk,’ Jacqes Rivette’s ‘Celine and Julie’ is serious stuff

Jacques Rivette's New Wave classic 'Celine and Julie Go Boating,' being screened this week, is a paean to quirkiness

May. 4, 2012


Before and after ‘Last Waltz’: What Levon Helm and, for a short while, The Band, stood for

By the time of The Last Waltz, the song "Dixie" had become the battleground it was never meant to be, as Helm savagely laments the end of another kind of idealism, and Robertson, who spends much of the concert fiddling with the new-fangled pick-harmonic, rips apart at their very fabric of the song in much the same way they once laid waste Dylan’s musical universe. The introduction of tension into a song whose entire achievement was acceptance and compassion is pretty much the sound of irreconcilable differences—not to mention squandered idealism.

Apr. 20, 2012


Rethinking ‘The Graduate’s place as the defining film of ’60s, and Ben Braddock’s accidental rebellion

The Graduate has always been held as a defining film of Sixties youth culture, but its far less radical than we want it to be

Apr. 11, 2012


For suffering pop diva Whitney Houston, a mismatched voice that gave no shelter to pain

The sound of her voice was always the main attraction, and when she made the turn from pop princess to full-fledged diva, it was mostly only the tempo that changed. When she recorded with Bill Laswell's shambling avant-funk ensemble Material alongside hoary free jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp (nothing if not left-of-center), Houston was neither out of place nor in on the joke. She was just Whitney Houston, voice unstoppable.

Feb. 13, 2012


‘At Last’ said so much, though perhaps not enough, about the great Etta James

Etta James, who died late last week, is best remembered for her song "At Last," but her talents went far deeper than just one song

Jan. 24, 2012


‘A Man Escaped,’ Bresson’s pensive, otherworldly take on a prison break

Now showing at Film Forum, Robert Bresson's A Man Escaped is a pensive, otherworldly take on a prison break

Jan. 20, 2012


Documentary ‘The Black Power Mixtape’ offers a trove of rediscovered footage of the movement’s luminaries

The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975, screening at BAM this weekend, offers a stirring glimpse into a powerful American movement

Jan. 13, 2012


After more than 40 years of anonymity, singer Charles Bradley finds his voice, and becomes one of soul’s greatest discoveries

You can hear it for yourself at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday.

Dec. 29, 2011