Spitzer, short on time and professional help, organizes a petitioning party

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Eliot Spitzer is hosting an event for anyone who wants to help him earn a spot on the Democratic primary ballot.

A reader passed along this invitation to a "petitioning party" hosted by "Governor Eliot Spitzer," whose fledgling comptroller campaign needs to collect signatures from 3,750 registered Democrats before midnight on Thursday.

Spitzer's team has already lost one consultant, Neal Kwatra, a former labor operative who was thought to be organizing the effort, though it's unclear what exactly his duties entailed. Kwatra's firm is no longer working for Spitzer, after reportedly being pressured by labor groups who support Spitzer's opponent, Scott Stringer.



As Ruby Cramer noted, it's unclear who exactly is in charge of this process, and the campaign wouldn't disclose who is on the team.

Spitzer has spent the better part of two days mostly doing interviews, though he did collect seven signatures during a chaotic appearance in Union Square yesterday, where the campaign said he had eight staffers also collecting signatures. Asked what else he had planned yesterday, Spitzer said he had plans to meet with the petitioning team.

Spitzer said this morning that he had "many, many people" on the streets and that the campaign was "gathering assiduously."

"I feel comfortable we will get there," he said.

One person on Twitter said he would sign Spitzer's petition, if only he knew where to go.

Spitzer told the Times in the story that effectively announced his candidacy on Sunday that he planned to have 100 people out on the streets this week gathering signatures for him.

It's not clear that he does.