The pro-Stringer establishment includes Spitzer’s old running mate

Briefing: Paterson and Spitzer. (Azi Paybarah via flickr)
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Eliot Spitzer may be the most recognizable candidate in the comptroller's race (assuming he gets the nearly 4000 signatures he'll need to submit by Thursday to get onto the ballot), but as he said in an interview with Maggie Haberman, he's also very much the anti-establishment candidate.

That's certainly true, since organized labor and nearly all of local Democratic officialdom is backing Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who aborted a mayoral bid to run for comptroller.

During a radio interview this morning, Stringer expressed confidence that he'd have the lion's share of support.

After radio host John Gambling said the man Spitzer picked to be lieutenant governor, David Paterson, was torn between the two candidates, Stringer said, "I know David is going to stand with me, vote for me."



Moments later, Gambling announced that Paterson had called the station to confirm his support for Stringer.

In 2008, when Paterson assumed the governorship after Spitzer's resignation, he criticized his erstwhile patron's governing style. Spitzer reportedly called Paterson at the time to demand an apology. None was forthcoming. 


"This male quest for redemption? I don't know. ... Go to a monastery and meditate on it." — Linda Rosenthal


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