‘So that’s a yes’: Ray Kelly on The Daily Show

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NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly appeared on "The Daily Show" last night, telling host Jon Stewart he would give him a warning after he pulled out and began drinking from a giant plastic cup obviously larger then than 16 ounces, which the mayor recently banned.

Then they got serious, talking mostly about guns.

Kelly praised Governor Andrew Cuomo's gun control bill, but noted it's undermined because other states don't have similar restrictions.

Referring to proposed gun control on the federal level, Kelly said, "I think universal background checks can make a difference," but isn't a "panacea."



Later, in an extended version of the interview, Stewart asked Kelly about stop-and-frisk and whether "it straddles the line of constitutionality." Kelly said the tactic is used in every city.

The audience applauded when Kelly said that last year the city had the lowest number of murders in more than 50 years. Stewart — who had earlier called Kelly a "very impressive"— asked what caused the drop in crime.

"I think the key is proactive policing strategies, a whole series of things" Kelly said, going on to refer to Operation Impact and information-gathering initiatives.

Kelly also said that despite vocal critics of the police department, "If you go to many neighborhoods in the city, police have tremendous amount of support." (According to public opinion polls, that's correct.)

At the end of the interview, Stewart asked Kelly if he was thinking of running for mayor. Kelly said he was focused on his current job, and praised Bloomberg.

Stewart responded, "So, that's a yes."

Kelly laughed and smiled.

"You know what's nice about you?" Stewart said. "You smile, but there's a look in your eye like, 'Eh, you shouldn't ask that.'"

Kelly laughed again.