Cuomo makes union leaders work for their delegate passes

Andrew Cuomo. (Azi Paybarah via flickr)
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Andrew Cuomo tried limiting the number of labor union leaders on the D.N.C. list from New York. [Maggie Haberman]

"One has to wonder, did Cuomo add Iannuzzi and the others to the delegate list after a call from Washington? And if so, what was the tone of that call?" [Rick Karlin]

"After receiving word that he had been bounced, Iannuzzi promptly called the DNC – not Cuomo – the source said, and assumes someone at the national level interceded on his behalf." [Liz Benjamin]




After a speech to the state Democratic Party, Cuomo didn't want to talk about helping Democrats take control of the State Senate. [Glenn Blain]

He forgot to mention it in his speech too. [Jimmy Vielkind]


DC37 said bomb-throwing Charles Barron is evolving. [Celeste Katz]

Flashback: Barron opposes same-sex marriage. [Capital]

"Instead of calling members of the Congressional Black Caucus 'political punks' unafraid to stand up to 'right-wing racist conservatives,' the most controversial thing Mr. Barron said today was against the 'crooks on Wall Street.'" [Colin Campbell]


An Albany reporter FOILed Cuomo's office for any records they have about him. Turns out there are none. [Jimmy Veilkind]

City Hall

"Ass-backwards": Jumaane Williams criticized Michael Bloomberg's support of stop-and-frisk. [Christopher Mathias]

The Times editorial page editor responds to Bloomberg's criticism and said the mayor is wrong. [@AndyRnyt]

The NYPD's surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey is legal, the state attorney general there said. [Samantha Henry]

Parents would quit their jobs if they lost city-funded child care, according to an advocate's survey. [Saki Knafo]