M.T.A. chief Lhota would like to see the 7 go ‘all the way down to 23rd Street, and the West Side Highway’

Rendering of a concourse for the No. 7 subway extension. (via Dattner Architects.)
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M.T.A. chairman Joe Lhota this morning said he would like to see another extension of the 7 train, to provide more mass transit access to underserved parts of Manhattan's west side.

"As far as big projects are concerned, I can actually see the extension of the No. 7 train to other parts of New York City's west side," said Lhota, speaking on a panel at the Regional Plan Association's 22nd annual regional assembly.

Lhota said, it's something he'd like to see "go all the way down to 23rd Street, and the West Side Highway, so we can incorporate that portion of the west side that's not receiving a whole lot of coverage."

Right now, the M.T.A. is in the process of extending the No. 7 line to 11th Avenue and 34th Street, and there had been some discussion of extending it yet further, to Secaucus, N.J. (Lhota threw water on that idea earlier this month.)



Since assuming his position late last year, Lhota has been reluctant to discuss new expansions of the existing mass transit system, since the authority's finances are in a precarious state and it's already a struggle to keep the currently constituted system in a state of good repair.

So his remarks today came as something of a surprise, even if the new expansion isn't anything that will be happening anytime soon. Lhota said the project "may not necessarily be in the very next capital plan," though it's something he'd like to see.

In a follow-up email, M.T.A. spokesman Adam Lisberg wrote, "Very long-term, it would be a nice idea. But not in the next capital plan."