Brady’s new Philly site will be called Billy Penn

Billy Penn. (Billy Penn)
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Jim Brady has settled on a name for the mobile-focused local-news platform he's in the process of launching in Philadelphia.

Originally billed as, a reference to the City of Brotherly Love, Brady has changed the title to Billy Penn, which Philly dwellers will recognize as a nod to Pennsylvania founder William Penn, whose statue stands atop city hall.

Brady said the name hadn't gotten great early feedback from potential readers, some of whom suggested it had a male connotation, while others sniffed that it would kind of be like chosing for a news website about New York.

"We wanted an insider-y word, name or phrase that would mean something to Philadelphians, even if it meant little to those outside," Brady wrote in a blog post about the site, which is now live at



As Capital reported in a profile of Brady last month, the former Washington Post web editor and editor-in-chief of Digital First Media is planning on spending somewhere in the mid-six-figures of his own money in the next year to bankroll the venture, which is getting office space and resources from Temple University.