NY1 becomes ‘Time Warner Cable News NY1’ in December

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Alex Weprin

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The rebranding of NY1 is officially happening. Time Warner Cable’s New York cable news channel will become “Time Warner Cable News NY1” by the end of 2013, according to a memo sent to staff there.

A new logo and graphics package will be rolled out alongside the wordy new name.

A screen grab of the new graphics package obtained by Capital New York features the “Time Warner Cable News” name in the lower left-hand corner. But we hear that the NY1 logo will still appear in the lower left-hand corner of TV screens during most programming, and according to a statement from the channel, it will be referred to as NY1 on air.

In March, TWC acknowledged that it was considering changing the name of the station. The reason for the change? Not enough subscribers realized that it was exclusive to the provider. At the time executives stressed that they were trying to figure out a way to retain the “NY1” name while making it clear it was a TWC property.



But the headline on Gothamist's pick-up of the story summed up many viewers' reactions nicely: "NY1 To Be Rebranded As 'TWC News' Because We Can't Have Nice Things."

According to anchor Pat Kiernan, that reaction influenced the rebranding process.

"The company really took notice after New Yorkers questioned the wisdom of a rebrand," he wrote in an email to Capital. "We're getting a makeover in a few weeks that adds a Time Warner Cable logo, but the branding is still unmistakably New York 1. That's what we'll call it and that's still the name in the corner of the screen."

In an effort to be consistent, all of the local cable news stations within the Time Warner Cable footprint will have "Time Warner Cable News" added to their names.

The content of the channel won’t change, something that executives there emphasized when rumors of the rebrand began to trickle out.

Watch a promotional video about the rebranding here: