Diana Taylor says Obama has ‘a lot to learn,’ finds the Republican candidates scary

Diana Taylor (Azi Paybarah via flickr)
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Since her brief flirtation with a Senate run against Kirsten Gillibrand, the public hasn't heard much about the political views of Michael Bloomberg's girlfriend, Diana Taylor.

Today, that changed.

In a 3,600 word profile interview in The New York Observer, Taylor said President Obama "has a lot to learn" and dismissively referred to his 2008 campaign theme, Palin-like, as "all that hopey-changey stuff."

But Taylor isn't impressed with the Republicans looking to replace him.



"I don’t really like any of them very much," she said. "A lot of them scare me… a lot.”

Taylor said she does not agree with Gillibrand "on anything," sort of. And she is not a fan of term limits, at all.